Lissa Bryan, Novelist:
"Denise edited several short stories for me, and I was very pleased with her work. She was detailed and thorough, and made good suggestions in areas where my wording was a bit awkward. Her input polished up the story and made it shine.

Denise is also a pleasure to work with on a personal level. She's prompt with returning assignments, and has a friendly, engaging personality. She understands how to work with writers to make the work the best it can possibly be. I recommend her highly."

Susanne Barrett, Writer/Editor/Educator:
"Denise is one of those rare editors who can see the "big picture" in a work of fiction and help the author toward her goal while at the same time she notes the impact of small details to the overall effect of the storyline.

In addition to being a talented author in her own right, Denise invests herself wholeheartedly and wholemindedly into her writers' stories, helping to mold and shape the overall product into a work that is professional, memorable, and impactful.

Denise is an amazing woman as well as a writer/editor, and her integrity is first and foremost in her professional life. Her advice and creativity with my current project has been invaluable. I can't recommend her talents and personal honor and integrity highly enough. She is truly a pleasure to work with."

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