The Process and the Price

Copy editing is relatively simple. Grammar, mechanics, verb tense, and other such things are corrected with no attention paid to the manuscript’s content. Content editing, however, is much deeper, so I feel an explanation of that process would be helpful.

The first time I read your manuscript, I make immediate notes in the margin. The notes are my initial reactions to what I’m reading—questions, comments, thoughts, laughter, surprise, confusion, etc. After finishing the manuscript, I read it again, reviewing my comments to see if, now having read the whole book, my perspective has changed. I also make suggested changes in the document using Track Changes in Word, often marking those suggestions with a comment so you will understand the thought process behind the proposed changes.

Then I return the marked manuscript to you, asking you to address all comments and questions in the margin before I continue with the content editing. This is the perhaps the most important step because it gives you the opportunity to clarify, expand, and otherwise control your vision and purpose for your manuscript.

Once you return the manuscript to me, I incorporate your feedback into the document—including all accepted and rejected/altered changes. Then I read the entire manuscript again several times, usually making additional notes requiring your feedback once more. At this stage, however, the few remaining marginal notes are usually about fine-tuning the details of your document, which you will see when I return the manuscript to you again. This back-and-forth process goes on until all content issues are settled.

After those issues are settled, the document is ready for copy editing. This is the stage at which I give a critical eye to grammar, mechanics, punctuation, sentence flow, etc. because all content issues will have been addressed. So when I return the manuscript this time, it is with the aim of securing your final approval on the document. Once that approval is secured, then the editing process is complete and our work together is concluded.

**NOTE: If you are looking, then, for someone to edit your manuscript without your feedback during the process, then I am not the editor for you. Preserving your document's integrity and your vision for your work is paramount to me, and I cannot do that without your involvement.

Editing Cost

The cost of your editing job depends on four factors:

-         Whether a copy or content edit is requested
-         Word count of the initial manuscript
-         Required turnaround time of the final edit
-         Strength/quality of the writing sample

Before committing to your project, I require a writing sample based on the document’s current word count:

-         40,000 words or less: The first five chapters, 6,000 words, or 20% of your document
-         40,000 – 75,000 words: The first eight chapters, 12,000 words, or 25% of your document
-         75,001 words or more: The first twelve chapters, 18,000 words, or 30% of your document

***If the writing and/or content development in the initial sample is rough or unpolished, the editing cost will be higher.


Copy editing:
-         25,000 words or less: $0.01 – $0.011 per word
-         25,000 – 50,000 words: $0.011 – $0.012 per word
-         50,000 words or more: $0.012 – $0.0125 per word

Content editing:

-         25,000 words or less: $0.015 – $0.018 per word
-         25,000 – 50,000 words: $0.016 – $0.02 per word
-         50,000 words or more: $0.025 – $0.03 per word


-        The cost for the project is usually the one-time, full cost for the entire edit, including the drafts shared back and forth between us during the editing process. If, however, the content drastically changes during this process, additional costs may be incurred.

-        If, after reading the entire manuscript, it is discovered that the writing is so unpolished the manuscript needs more than content editing, we will discuss that cost before any additional work is done.

-        It is the author’s choice to request copy editing or content editing. However, if content editing is recommended but the author chooses copy editing instead, then I insist on being credited specifically as the “copy editor” should such information be revealed.

Note: I do not edit fiction involving pedo, poly, necro, or hard-core erotica. I reserve the right to accept or decline projects at my discretion.

Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., seven days per week.
Requests made after 9:00 p.m. will be addressed the following day.

If emergency after-hours services are needed, contact me at I may be able to help.

Confidentiality, punctuality, and satisfaction guaranteed.

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