About Me

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Temple University (B.A. in English), I have nearly 20 years’ experience editing collegiate essays, resumes, cover letters, personal correspondence and full-length fiction manuscripts, skills transferable to documents of all kinds.

I majored in English because I am fascinated by its nuances and quirks, the very details which make the writing process frustrating. I enjoy grammar books, word games and puns, and any language joke, no matter how corny, is guaranteed to make me laugh.

Not only am I an avid reader, I am also a novelist and essayist. My work appeared in Color Him Father (Kinship Press, 2006) and The Motherhood Diaries 2 (Brown Girls Publishing, 2014), and I self-published my first novel, Another 4.0, in 2016. These experiences give me a unique view from both sides of the editing desk. I understand the potential anxiety writing can create, and that empathy guides me as I work. No one wants to have their words ripped and picked apart, and I never take such a staunch approach. Writers and editors best function as partners, and I bring the power trio of trust, respect, and tact to every working relationship.

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