Contact Me

If you have questions about my services or would like to solicit them, please use the panel to the right or email me at with the following information:

- Current word count of your document

- If you want copy editing or content editing (If needed, please see the “Copy Editing vs. Content Editing” and “The Process and the Price” pages for clarity.)

- When you want the final draft completed 

- A writing sample based on the document’s current word count:

        *  40,000 words or less: The first five chapters, 6,000 words, or 20% of your document
        *  40,000 – 75,000 words: The first eight chapters, 12,000 words, or 25% of your document
        *  75,001 words or more: The first twelve chapters, 15,000 words, or 30% of your document
I will reply within 36 hours with a no-obligation cost estimate and proposed date of completion. We can discuss additional details or concerns from there.

Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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